Phoenix Songs

Self Empowerment Spells

“Spirit of Fire, of Warmth and Light
I ask your help again this night
To burn the ties to all that’s gone
To hear again the Phoenix Song
All the Could Haves, Might have Beens
All Regrets and Broken Dreams
Transform them here, with harm to none:
With thanks to you, I’m moving on.

Let me weave the words to support you on your journey.

If you would like me to create you a custom spell, details and PayPal are below (the picture shown is of one of my own personal kits, and is for illustration purposes only). Please note, prices start at £15.00 for the words and instructions, and basic supplies only.  The price would increase according to items requested, up to approx. £40.00, if you wish me to select the supplies listed and send to you as a complete kit. Once I have your initial payment, we can discuss your requirements and I can put something together to suit your budget.

For the price of £15, you will receive a spell kit containing a small candle, packet of herbs and a spell pouch, along with the words, a list of correspondences and full instructions. Prices would increase depending on the items you might wish to add.  These kits are fully customisable, after your initial payment I will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

Spell Kit Categories:
Health / Healing
Self Worth / Esteem / Transformation

Please note: I create spells with “harm to none”, for your own self-empowerment.  I will not write them with other people in mind – i.e. – no love spells, hexes or curses!

Please also note this disclaimer: Once the spell is in your hands, the right outcome depends on your intention.  Everything comes to you with every blessing for success, but it is your responsibility to do the work with the best intentions.  I cannot promise you miracles, just positive assistance.