I am all about earth treasure. I am a Stewardess of the Earth. I create my jewellery with the gifts of Gaia, and I am all about the Guardianship of the Wild.

I encourage sacred body decoration. After all, our bodies are the vessels of our sacred selves, and I do believe its time we started treating them accordingly. I’m all about sacred self-expression and celebration.

I reject modern views of beauty, the industry that perpetuates the pressure for women to meet an impossible level of so-called perfection.

We are all glorious and beautiful in our own skin – we are all the goddess manifest – always unique, always wonderful.

I am here to help you celebrate that uniqueness, to help you celebrate and decorate yourself – with much love.  My offerings to you are as follows:

  • Beadwoven Jewellery made of semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls
  • Beaded Knitted Accessories, made from Rowan Kidsilk Haze and other luxury yarns
  • White Rabbit Gloves – for your inner-Alice
  • Spell Kits (Phoenix Songs) for Self Empowerment
  • Crystal Readings (an unusual, wonderful form of divination involving the casting of chosen crystals on to charts) for Self Knowledge
  • Tattoo Design (black/white & watercolour) for Sacred Body Decoration
  • Mandalas for Meditation / Chakra Activation

Please email me at wilddressingup@gmail.com should you have any queries – I would love to hear from you.

All the best wishes and bright blessings,

Rachel x