Unexpected Beauty

We are creatures of habit.  Every day, I follow the same routine – which involves a commute into work via the Park and Ride site to my nearest city.  It’s tedious, to say the least – especially with the long dark kicking in, coupled with the frosts and the mud and the cold.  I struggle in the winter.  I like the green of spring and summer, the heat and the buzz.

One day this week I was having a terrible time of it.  I missed the alarm, which set a whole series of mishaps into motion.  I arrived at the Park and Ride over an hour late, feeling decidedly frazzled and out of sorts, grey and generally miserable.

I couldn’t park in my usual spot.  Which meant, I had to walk another way through the car park…and there, I found this little rose.  It has survived the minus degree temperatures, and is still blooming by the path just parallel to the one I usually take.

This unexpected piece of beautiful life, I took as a sign to relax, take stock and break my habits more regularly.  There’s a whole world we are missing out there because we are set into a routine.  I encourage you to change a little something in your day once in a while – you never know what you might find!

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