Starstone Magick

Starstone (or blue goldstone) is one of my favorite stones to work with.  Apart from anything else, it sparkles!  This is in fact a man-made crystal, and the glitter effect is down to the copper flecks suspended within glass.  The sparkle goes deep, as you turn the stone you can see more or less of the shimmer.  It’s truly stunning.

Starstone is known to help you realise your ambitions.  It’s energies are of persistence and determination, alongside courage – if your resolve falters and you feel weak and vulnerable, it is the perfect touchstone to help uplift your spirits and guide you back to your right path.

These are my two current starstone creations.  The evening necklace on the left, is still up for sale here.  The other is a Kelly Weise design, which I made a few years back now.  It belongs to someone I love very much.  I wish the photographs did them justice.  There is so much crystal in the evening necklace that it seems to emit its own light source!


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