I discovered Mandalas this year – it is an incredibly therapeutic pastime.

I like my fine detail, so I make mine complex – I’ve started my design idea in pencil, going over with pencil once I’m satisfied.

This one ended up being worked on a theme of circles within circles, so it is representative of an idea of eternity – it made me think of one of my favourite songs: ’round, like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel.  Never ending or beginning, on an ever spinning reel” – aka “The Windmills of your Mind” by Dusty Springfield. (For fun, watch The Muppets version)

Having counted the outer circles, which came to 8 – it dawned on me to add the 7 chakras and the symbol of “OM”.

The finished creation:


I sell my mandalas as one of a kind, original pieces, on trimmed A3 or A4 cartridge paper.  I do not make or sell prints of my mandalas.  You can buy my Windmills Mandala here.

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