The Latecomer

A couple of months ago I planted up some money tree seeds – part of the abundance magick I was working on at the time*.  All grew up differently – some flew, some took their own sweet time.Anyway, I was repotting the plants at the weekend. And I found, buried deep, a little seedling that was still fighting to make its way up. So I dug him up and put him in the very centre of the group of smaller plants – so that he might be supported and have a chance to grow in the light from now on.

I myself am a late bloomer. It’s all good. Why, I wonder, are we so afraid of running late, coming last, being behind? It all stems from the daemon of comparison. Comparison, as Brene Brown (a heroine of mine) says, is the thief of joy.

We all make our way differently along different paths – eventually ending up in the same place in the end. And while we are here, we bring our own skills, beliefs, talents and dreams to the table – and you have as much right to love and acceptance as the next person on this planet. And you have as much right to success and happiness. What you create is of equal value.

And, timing isn’t everything – in my humble opinion. It may take someone many more years to develop something in comparison to someone else, but that is OK. I repeat, THAT IS OK. What you will leave behind will be a legacy. It doesn’t matter the frequency of your output, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you. The world needs your creativity and your love.

What you have to offer is unique. You have your own way of doing things. You might think it has ALL been done before, but I gently remind you, no-one can do it like you can do it. Your Self gets involved and creates something special. And the world doesn’t mind waiting 2 minutes, 2 days or 2 years for something – as long as it comes. You have all the time in the world. Trust in your own timing, trust in yourself.

You got this.

*Part of this abundance spell involved planting a seeds for other people, along with my own – I wanted to bring in prosperity for a group, as this would be far more effective (what goes around, comes around).   I put a request out on FB – and I was so grateful to those who came back to me, who gave me the opportunity to bring a little abundance into their lives through my work.   Vickie was part of this, and her tree was the most abundant of all (at least size-wise)! She very kindly sent me the following review, which I’m so grateful for:

“I was asked my wish and then asked to pick a crystal. The crystal was then added to my plant. My tree took off running, as Rachel lovingly watched over all the trees, blessing and speaking with them each day. I could feel a difference in my demeanor each day. This spell was a success for myself as well as the other tree recipients. I feel blessed to be involved with Rachel in this spell”.

(Vickie, its been an absolute pleasure to do this for you, and the other tree-mothers.  They’re still doing so well!  I’m so glad this made a difference to you).


8 thoughts on “The Latecomer

  1. Thanks for the lovely post, the beautiful comparison (you, me, us as a seedling), lovely thoughts and quotes. Thanks for the reminder of ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, the Brené Brown quote. And so true what you say: ‘no one can do it like you can do it’. Go girl, go for abundance and do it all your own way!

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