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I’m on day 8 of Effy Wild’s Blog Along!  I finally caught up!!  So…the prompt, paraphrased – What brings you joy? Ok not paraphrased at all…just kind of on topic!

Love.  Simple connection with my soul folk.  And I have found so many soul folk lately, so my heart is doing backflips.

My soul folk include:

  • Those who hoard crystals
  • Those who throw glitter
  • Dreamers, Schemers, Believers
  • Those who ponder over card spreads to discover what their next move should be
  • Wearers of purple and red (at the same time)
  • Wearers of natty hats
  • People who dance with horses
  • People who belly-dance, knowing the more you have, the more you have to shimmy (there is nothing more inspiring than a woman doing a full body shimmy, I’ve seen it done by an expert, and it was AWESOME).
  • People who use their skin as a canvas for art
  • People who wear jewellery fit for a ball, to the office on a Monday morning
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Ok, practically anything with fur.
  • People who dance naked around bonfires on a full moon
  • People who believe dragon-slaying is NOT A COOL THING.
  • People who play with sparklers out of season
  • Anyone who will clap for the faeries after the age of 5.
  • Anyone who swooned watching David Bowie and Sarah (can’t remember the name of the actress cause I wasn’t paying attention to HER) dance the ballroom scene in Labyrinth.
  • Anyone who thinks Christine was daft for NOT choosing the Phantom (esp. in the FILM version of the musical).  DROOL.
  • Ahem.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift?

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