The Power of Imperfection

The brilliant imperfections of love, of loving,
can only make the world shine brighter;

It’s fear that will give you half a life and convince you,
You never wanted the other half anyway.

Excerpt from ‘Cracked’ By Nell Aurelia

I have been listening to, watching and reading a lot of Brene Brown lately.   She is a researcher ofshame, guilt and vulnerability – and the art of wholehearted living.  Her books include, “The Gifts of Imperfection”, “RIsing Strong”, and “Daring Greatly”.

Brene has a number of talks published on Youtube – and one of my favourite of all time concerns our fear of criticism –  it’s called : “Why Your Critics Aren’t the Ones Who Count”

In this talk, she makes an announcement, which I paraphrase here:  “I put my work out into the arena…I dare to be vulnerable…if you are not in the arena with me, I am not interested in your opinion”.

There are several women who have lately inspired me to take a stand and put myself ‘out there’ – and I will be citing their work frequently, as I continue this creative journey I am on.

When it comes to the power to influence my life and light a fire underneath me, Brene Brown is right there at the top, one of the Big Three.

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