The Colour Wheel Compass & The Creativity Wound

There are endless variations of colour, depending on the blends you choose: mixing paint is like magic – and this wheel is the key!

All colour is born out of the same source of white light. But put any one colour in front of two people, and each person will see something different…yes, it’s blue – but what KIND of Blue? That would be personal, and only for you.

All to do with the rods and cone cells in the back of an eye, and how the brain interprets the message (I find the science behind the art so interesting)!

Art is so subjective – no one has authority on what makes something ‘great art’. One person will hate a piece another person loves.

In which case, I’m now thinking when it comes to my own art: some may see a masterpiece, some may see a mess. I might as well go create it anyway! Doing it despite what people think is a challenge for me.

I was once criticised for being a ‘Copy Artist’. That is my Creativity Wound.

I find it so sad that so many people are put off creating because of similar such comments and humiliating experiences at the hands of teachers (who should know better) – a section of Brene Brown’s work on this subject brought me to tears.

I’m coming to the realisation that whilst I might ‘copy’ ideas and images, how I put them together is unique to me.

It’s really hard not to copy something, because it’s pretty much all been done before. Every story has already been told – there are only so many plot lines…BUT as long as you add your own heart to it, there will always be something new.

There is power in your uniqueness, you have not been done before. If you fear you have nothing more of value to add, I would have to disagree with you. Let your art live, because the world needs it all!

To me, art is a conversation between souls, and communication heals – if we can be made to understand another at our core, and see some common ground – we have a better chance of harmony.


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