Beadweaving Lessons & The Creative Process

I have been beading for over 4 years now.  In this time, I have learned many things about the creative process – specifically taught to me by those tiny little sparkly treasures I fell in love with so long ago!  It’s not always been easy – there have been many moments I wanted to throw my hands up in despair over having to take out yet another piece of work.

But whatever you do, don’t EVER stop working on your art!  We ALL go through this process.  We all feel the same way about our work.  And we are all beginners at one time or another.

I just wanted to share with you some of the most valuable things beadweaving has taught me (in no particular order of importance):

1) Don’t try to fudge something, it doesn’t work out.

2) Stop when you start jabbing yourself in the finger with your needle – pain does not help Creative flow.

3) Follow the pattern, most of the time.

4) Start small but don’t be afraid to try something ‘out of your depth’ once in a while.

5) Discard the beads that are broken or warped. They spoil the piece in the end – choose your materials wisely.

6) Don’t try to force the needle. It will just break.

7) Keep on trying, persevere.

8) You won’t bead a rope for 50 hours that doesn’t inspire you to stop and look at how pretty it is every five minutes.  It makes it slower to create, but who’s counting the hours, really?

9) Beautiful things should, and do, take time.

10) Collect treasures from around the world.

11) Experiment with colour.  Get a colour wheel, learn the rules.  Break the rules.

12) To prevent boredom, work on several things at once.

13) Find your muse, and learn all you can from him/her.

All my Love

3 thoughts on “Beadweaving Lessons & The Creative Process

  1. Number 2 made me laugh because I knew someone who managed to use her sewing machine to sew THROUGH A FINGER on 2 separate occasions. You would think that after the first time she would have learnt not to stick her finger in the way.


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