The Making of Jewels

Last Christmas I pulled out a pattern by Lynda Taylor that had been in my cabinet for 3 years.  It is categorised as an 'Advanced' level project from Interweave.  I'll be honest, it was daunting - all that peyote stitch, shaping...fine stitching, detail.  But it was a now or never moment - I was ready to graduate … Continue reading The Making of Jewels

Being Brave in Your Beautiful Mistakes

"Love just needs a witness and a little forgiveness And a Halo of patience and a less sporadic pace and I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes" from "Cracks in a Crystal Ball", by P!nk Photo Source: Zenvita I was listening to this song on my drive into work today.  It made me … Continue reading Being Brave in Your Beautiful Mistakes